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Executives, Business Leaders & Change Agents

This Is For You

Sales underperforming? Marketing missing the mark? Top talent leaving? Engineering developing in a silo? Operations implementing solutions that create more confusion than efficiency?

We've been in your shoes. We get it. And that’s where we come in. 

• We work with teams to distill the overwhelming:  Not sure where to go next? We’ll help you get unstuck and find the right path to increased growth and revenue. Our diverse experiences mean our work crosses departments and functional areas.

• We thread workflow, communication and leadership skills together:  We shore up the breakdowns across departments that cost you time and revenue, putting you on an aligned path towards scalable growth.

• We implement unconventional solutions to drive profitability:  Through our 4Ps assessment, advancing women strategies, and approach to ‘big bets’ behind strategic visioning, we deliver results for your business.


Finding Problems, Devising Solutions.

The Innovare Group is a boutique strategic consultancy that helps VC-funded startups, mid-sized growth organizations, and progressive corporate teams boost profits, performance, and team passion. We’ve spent decades working for both legacy companies and scrappy startups, so we’re experts at diagnosing disconnects and devising actionable solutions.


Improve your Business from the Inside Out.

By training your workforce to prioritize the 4Ps - People, Purpose, Process and Passion, you’ll quickly see that healthy internal alignment leads to bolstered profitability and a honed competitive edge.


How Can We Help YOU?

Instead of pouring money into external solutions, let’s create better internal practices. Let’s commit to strategic alignment and meaningful collaboration. Let’s make business better.



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