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Support Talented Women Leaders

Advancing Women is Good for Business

Research shows that bringing three or more women onto a corporate board leads to increased profits. Women problem-solve and lead in ways that directly benefit their companies and working with The Innovare Group will help your firm leverage those capabilities. Creating gender equity within your workplace won’t just lead to happier employees, it’ll lead to new levels of financial success to the bottom-line.

Research shows when presented with a job description, men will apply when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, while women will only apply if they meet 100%.

Companies who encourage growth in their women employees can change those statistics.  Our offerings will help you learn how to empower, activate, and support the talented women leaders in your company.


Women in Leadership Assessment

As an authorized partner, The Innovare Group is certified to facilitate Linkage’s Women in Leadership 360°Assessment. Designed specifically for women, this assessment identifies the patterns of behavior that differentiate between the women who achieve leadership success and those who don’t. Read more

This assessment addresses two critical areas that impact women’s advancement:

  1. TheSeven HurdlesRecognized Confidence, Branding and Presence, Clarity, Networking, Making the Ask, Proving Our Value, and Bias.

  2. TheSix CompetenciesAware, Inspiring, Clear, Influential, Connected, and Bold – that will better prepare women for advancement.

Academy for Women in Leadership Workshop

As an authorized partner, The Innovare Group is certified to facilitate Linkage’s Academy for the Advancement of Women (LAAW) program. The LAWW program equips women with the key skills necessary to drive significant changes they want to see in their own career trajectories. Since research shows that women leaders fuel profitability, offering the LAWW program at your company can bring value at multiple levels. Read more

This workshop is a modularized learning experience that helps women navigate the unseen barriers that impede their advancement and develop their unique leadership identities. Through targeted skill-building, simulations, and constructive input from other participants, this program helps emerging women leaders realize their full potential.


Schedule a call to hear more about how this workshop can benefit your company.


Making the Case for Strategic Advancement Workshop

Fairly often, we’re asked to build a solid business case for a new line-item we’d like to add, and we tackle the task with discipline and deliberation. Yet when we negotiate on our own behalf or strive to reposition ourselves professionally, we aren’t half as intentional. Additionally, men and women approach professional self-advocacy from very different standpoints, which can lead to unintended bias.
Read more

In this session, we’ll explore a framework for “making the ask” that can be used to coach others on making requests that create consistency and clarity, and also promote equity across the organization.


Schedule a call to hear more about how this workshop can benefit your company.



“Attended your webinar and found it immensely helpful. Thank you for sharing your expertise and leading the way ahead for women leaders!” 

Risk Strategist at Citi 


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