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Solid Strategy Activates Phenomenal Success

Business Consulting Solutions

Strategy is only useful if it can be implemented. Many companies have created detailed vision statements and guiding strategies without considering how to operationalize them. Translating vision into action becomes even more challenging when leaders hesitate to communicate; Unless individuals understand how their own work supports an overarching strategy, they’ll ignore and dismiss it.

The Innovare team helps companies move from crystalizing to mobilizing, from “where do we want to go?” to “how will we get there?”


Strategy Coaching & Consulting

Ready to accelerate your learning curve as a leader within the organization? Eager to leverage your unique strengths to deliver key business results for your company? Our Strategy Coaching & Consulting offerings are calibrated to boost your performance in your current position so you can exceed your goals.  Read more

Our consultants understand the complexities of building and growing businesses because we’ve been in the trenches ourselves; Our guidance comes from years of deep experience. We’ll show you how to assess strategy, align it throughout your organization, and evolve your leadership tactics to catalyze remarkable results.


Business Planning Session

Tired of waiting until the last minute to plan for the coming year? As budgeting season starts, business planning often follows. Although it should be treated as a guiding strategic exercise, business planning is often pushed to the end of the year, and revolves more around spreadsheets than strategy.
Read more

Let’s break that cycle and approach business planning more thoughtfully. Our seasoned facilitators will take your entire team through a process that enables fully engaged dialogue and   creates accountability and buy-in for everyone involved. And we promise the numbers won’t get lost in the mix!


Strategic EnVisioning™ Workshop

Is your company itching to grow but frustratingly stalled-out? Or growing so quickly that you’re leapfrogging over critical infrastructure? This end-to-end workshop focuses on purpose and alignment with an eye toward implementation. Read more

When it’s complete, you’ll have clear strategic vision and an operational roadmap ready to be deployed.

“I hired The Innovare Group to guide our leadership team through strategic business planning because Kim Bohr, CEO and founder, laid out a go-forward logical framework and accurately identified risks/gaps that we may face in our first phone call. The strategic planning and business acumen from The Innovare Group empowered our directors to build long-term plans while communicating short-term tradeoffs.”

VP Legal, Finance, and HR at a Network Security SaaS company


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