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Team Alignment Solutions

High-performing teams lead to increased profitability. It’s a direct correlation that’s ignored by many because we mistakenly believe that self-analysis is egotistical, that seeking to improve our leadership styles is a sign of weakness. At The Innovare Group, we know that we cannot improve performance without first evaluating our current methods. Our Team Alignment offerings challenge participants to learn more about themselves and each other, then equips them to maximize their talents to their individual and collective advantage. Once you’ve got stronger leaders and aligned teams in place, they’ll bring in bigger, better business results.


The Harrison Assessments™

Looking for results that provide clarity around individual and team behavioral tendencies? Insights into how each employee leads, interacts, and chooses to show up professionally? Then the Harrison Assessments™ are what you need. Ideal for strategic talent acquisition, development, and team alignment, the Harrison is one of the few validated tools legally approved for use in hiring decisions. Read More

The tools are self-administered online and take only 20 minutes of time.



Strategic Talent Alignment Review™

We all know that hiring the absolute best talent is essential to continued success … and yet hiring is a process that frequently gets rushed. Very few companies create hiring processes that align with mission, vision, and goals, and even fewer ensure that new hires understand how their unique roles support the company vision. Read More

Our Strategic Talent Alignment Review™ equips organizations to find, hire, and keep top talent, placing the right staff in the right roles to build loyalty and enable continuous growth. Let’s look at who you’ve hired, how you hired them, and how you can hire better in the future.


Intentional Networking for Strategic Advancement™ Workshop

Men and women approach networking very differently. We invest different amounts of time, choose different venues to network, and expect different degrees of formality in order to forge connections. Because of those differences, both men and women frequently lack a diversified “pool” of people to tap when they want to strategically grow their professional presence. Read More

This workshop equips attendees to build stronger, broader networks that start within their current company, where advantageous alliances are often overlooked. Building diversified networks constitutes a strategic advantage for our companies, for us as professionals, and for those we bring together.



“I attended your session on Intentional Networking for Strategic Advancement. You gave me a lot think about and process. Thank you for a really great session!” 

IT Leader at Graybar Electric


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