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Looking for training that doesn’t feel like a ‘flavor of the month’? Want to engage your audience with content they can apply immediately back into the business? Seeking a unique approach to timeless topics?


Our approach to training is that it must be relevant, engaging and promote self-generated insight that moves people to take action. With each experience structured as a working session, participants apply the tools acquired to their real-work scenarios, preparing them to immediately implement what they've learned.

Most Requested Programs

All of our programs are designed to be tailored to your audience. Any skills, tools or learning concepts can be taken deeper where needed. If you don't see what you're looking for, let's talk. Our Intentional Career Development series, geared towards leaders, managers, and high-potential employees, pulls from several of our programs to bring the best concepts to your team.


We all know men and women approach networking very different. From the time we invest, to the venues in which we 'network', to the degree for formality we need in order to make a connection, we couldn't be more opposite from one another.

And because of those differences, it's why we don't have a more diversified "pool" of people to tap into when a need arises. Building an intentionally diversified network- internally and externally - is an important strategic asset for you and your organization.

Course Learning Objectives

This hands-on workshop will have your attendees operating at both a strategic and tactical level.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn the steps of our proprietary methodology to create the roadmap for building and diversifying your internal and external professional network. 
  • Chart your network ecosystem and identify the gaps that are impacting your career goals.
  • Create an action plan to intentionally diversify your network strategically that aligns with what you say you want.



It's not uncommon to be asked to build a business case for a new budget line item or additional headcount. Yet when we need to make a case to position ourselves in our career or negotiate on our own behalf, we often don't approach doing so with the same level of discipline or formality. In fact, as men and women, our approach couldn't be more different from one another. And that where unintended bias can set in. 

For supervisors, leaders and those aspiring to grow the responsibilities of your current role, it's important to have awareness of these critical differences and the unintended consequences that can occur if this behavior is left unchecked.

Course Learning Objectives

In this working session, you will learn: 

  • How men and women differ in 'making the ask' for what they want.
  • Communication tools for supervisors and leaders to invite all interested parties into the conversation in order to promote equity and engage the best talent for the organization.
  • A framework to use in 'making the ask' or coaching others in how to be prepared to ask for what they want in a manner that creates consistency, clarity and promotes equity across the organization.

It's a given how important communication is in our lives, yet what we intend to say and how others hear us can often be misconstrued. The friction that can arise from these sorts of interactions can impact trust, performance, and even how we value our own opinions in matters.

Yet friction of this sort affords us an opportunity to gain clarity, learn different styles, and enhance the quality of our relationships.

In this workshop, we focus on the three culprits of friction BEFORE we turn to tools and frameworks to solve them. Don't worry, we get there too!  

Course Learning Objectives

In this workshop, you will learn: 

  • Why conflict avoidance is a comfortable place to be and why we can't stay there.
  • The three underlying causes of friction in communication and how to identify them. 
  • How to bring clarity into your conversations with a simple framework to organize your thoughts and prepare you for communicating clearly, using a real situation relevant to you today.

“I attended your session on Intentional Networking for Strategic Advancement. You gave me a lot think about and process. Thank you for a really great session!” 

IT Leader at Graybar Electric