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Building Better Businesses Since 2009

Who Are We?

The Innovare Group is a boutique strategic consultancy that helps VC-funded startups, mid-sized growth organizations and progressive corporate teams boost profits, performance, and team passion. Our specialty is identifying problem areas and developing action plans that enable companies to scale and expand in deliberate, sustainable ways.

Think of us as business mechanics; Give us a peek under the hood, and we’ll fix you right up.

Our proprietary assessment and alignment process is more nimble and immediately actionable than anything offered by other consulting firms. Our focus is targeted, potent results catalyzed by internal changes. Once they’re in motion, we step back.

Our team has decades of experience across industries, having consulted for global, corporate, VC-funded, non-profit, and family-owned businesses, so we’re comfortable working in virtually any environment. We’re thoughtful, tenacious, and utterly unflappable. And we love what we do, so we bring both intense passion and deep expertise to the table.



How can we help YOU?

Instead of pouring money into external solutions, let’s create better internal practices. Let’s be brutally honest about what’s broken and fix it so you can do better work. Let’s commit to strategic alignment and meaningful collaboration. Let’s make business better.

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