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Keynotes & Executive Sessions




A dynamic and engaging keynote is a fantastic way to bring an entire department, division, or company up to speed on new tactics, market shifts, or inspiring ideas. 

Our most-requested topics include: 

  • Avoiding the Trap: Don’t Let Business Planning Be Mistaken for Strategic Visioning
  • Making the Case: Why Advancing Women Is A Good Strategy for Business and The Bottomline 

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  • Walking the Edge: 5 Pitfalls to Avoid During High-Growth Times
  • Building to Scale: Structuring Your Company for Sustainable Growth
  • Networking with Intention: How to Build A Strategic Network for Advancement

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Executive Sessions

These sessions are designed to bring an executive team together to get grounded and aligned. This work is often condensed, boiling down bigger visionary concepts while reinforcing the importance of communication between the “front line” and leadership.

In fact, men and women approach self-advocacy from very different standpoints, which can lead to unintended bias.​

As supervisors and leaders, it’s our responsibility to remain aware of these critical differences and the unintended consequences that can arise if bias is left unchecked.



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