Advancing Women Is Good For Business

Looking for the Business Case to Invest in Advancing Women? 

Research shows that bringing three or more women onto a corporate board leads to increased profits. Women problem-solve and lead in ways that directly benefit their companies and working with The Innovare Group will help your firm leverage those capabilities. Creating gender equity within your workplace won’t just lead to happier employees, it’ll lead to new levels of financial success to the bottom-line.

Research shows when presented with a job description, men will apply when they meet only 60% of the qualifications, while women will only apply if they meet 100%.

Companies who encourage growth in their women employees can change those statistics.  Our offerings will help you learn how to empower, activate, and support the talented women leaders in your company.

Workshops and Programs Just for Women

Where Next? Preparing for the Next Phase of Your Career™ Workshop

Focus: Career Advancement, Self-Advocacy, Communication, Increasing Confidence

Perfect For: Organizations who want to invest in equipping more women for advancement. Associations focused on women empowerment who want a hands-on working session for their conference.

Delivery Mode: Virtual or Classroom

Designed for all tenures, this working session takes women through three stages with specific exercises where they will assess, align and accelerate their career roadmap.

What You Will Learn: 

  • How to Assess your contribution and impact.
  • How to Align your goals to your intentionally diversified professional network.
  • How to Accelerate your next career advancement by finding clarity in 'what you want & why you can.'

Making the Case for Strategic Career Advancement™ Workshop

Focus: Self-Advocacy, Increasing Confidence, Influence, Communication, Career Development

Perfect For: Organizations who want to give their women leaders self-advocacy skills to prepare and ask for what they want in their careers.

Delivery Mode: Virtual or Classroom

This workshop is tailored to the challenges women face on their career advancement journey. Fairly often, we're asked to build a solid business case for a new line-item we'd like to add, and we tackle the task with discipline and deliberation. Yet when we negotiate on our own behalf or strive to reposition ourselves professionally, we aren't half as intentional.

Additionally, men and women approach professional self-advocacy from very different standpoints, which can lead to unintended bias.

What You Will Learn:

  • Why women don't represent their own interests as well as that of the business.
  • How to make the shift to advocating for what you want and deserve.
  • A framework to use in preparation for making your case, with 'hands-on' practice with a real 'ask' you have.

1:1 Busy Women Career Breakthrough Program™

Focus: Accelerating professional development goals

Perfect For: Professional women who have leadership responsibilities and are trying to breakthrough to the next level.

Do you find yourself feeling stuck, overwhelmed, or frustrated that your career isn't going where you expected it to be by now? Do you love the company you're with but feel like you've hit a ceiling and need support on how to breakthrough. You're not alone.

After many requests from professional women for a solution that was more than traditional coaching, we created a 1:1 fast-track program designed for busy women leaders and professionals just like you!

Read more now on our Busy Executive Women Breakthrough Program page.

“Attended your webinar and found it immensely helpful. Thank you for sharing your expertise and leading the way ahead for women leaders!” 

Risk Strategist at Citi