Ready to Fast-Track Your Career Advancement Goals?

1:1 Busy Executive Women Breakthrough
Career Advancement Program

Are you frustrated in your current position? Do you feel undervalued for the impact you're making in your current role? Is your career not advancing as quickly as you'd like it to? I've been there and I can help.

I created a 90-day fast-track program designed for busy women leaders & professionals just like you.

This program is much more than coaching. It marries my best strategy and consulting tools with self-generated insight that comes from coaching, to create a proven methodology that will get you results in our time together.

Each 1:1 session with me is grounded in hands-on learning with actionable tools that will help you overcome your current hurdles and put you in control of advancing your career.

  • On our kick-off session, we will identify your specific goals and co-create a plan to bring clarity, help you get unstuck and move you forward, faster and with confidence.
  • Our time together will be action-packed and full of results with this program intentionally designed for busy professionals.


This Breakthrough Program Includes: 

  • We typically meet bi-weekly 1:1 in confidential zoom calls, as schedules permit, with recorded replays for you to access. From each session, you will leave with specific insights and tactics designed to move you through each phase of our work together.
  • Interim questions answered via email or text messaging with a guaranteed 36-hour turnaround during normal business hours.
  • Mid-point progress and wrap-up achievement reports reflecting how much you’ve moved the needle.
  • Private online access to our Asana project management system where we can exchange files and coordinate communication.

Bonus #1: We kick-off with the Harrison Traits & Work Preferences Questionnaire and leadership report. The only fully accreditated and valid tool on the market that measures 175 traits to predict your success.

Bonus #2: A copy of my book Successes, Failures & Lessons Learned™ Career Journal, an action-based guide to accompany our work during this phase of your career journey.

Bonus #3: A full review of your LinkedIn profile with recommendations for improvement specific to your goals, including copy starters to use or evolve further. 

Consider these two options on your career journey...

Through this program I've intentionally designed for women like you, we can work together to help you increase confidence, be recognized for the impact you make, overcome the hurdles holding you back and fast-track your career goals. Imagine how you will feel and what your career will look like 6-months from now!  You are now heard, seen and your opinions valued throughout the organization, your sense of fulfillment in your work has returned, you've reclaimed time for your well-being, and your career is advancing in the direction you desire; or,


You choose to pass on this opportunity and continue to try to navigate the complexities and biases you face every day on your own only to find in 6-months time you're in the exact same situation you are today. Or possibly even worse off, having lost 6-months of opportunities for self-awareness, support and a guided plan to move you forward towards what you say you want and deserve to have. Ask yourself this question... "If nothing has changed, what will I feel, facing the same people, problems and dilemmas that I'm dealing with today?"


Your answers to these two questions will determine your next step. My role as your guide in this process is to help you identify blind spots, bring alignment to what you say you want, and help you navigate your intentionally designed career roadmap to get you there faster.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What if I’m in transition and not currently employed?

A: Engaging in this program will reground you quickly and move you to action. As we work through the program, each stage is designed to build upon the other, readying you to be more visible and land your next incredible role!


Q: I like the company I work for but feel stuck. I really don’t want to leave and yet I’m not sure what to do. Can you help me find a path so I can stay here?

A: Yes, we will absolutely tackle the hurdles that might be holding you back today so you can create a path that opens up new opportunities for yourself within your current company.


Q: I’m feeling lost and not sure of what I want to do next in my career. Where do I even start?

A: We begin at the place where you are today. This 90-day breakthrough program is designed to help you find clarity and direction, so you feel grounded and in control of your career journey.


Q: Will this really work for me?

A: Yes, if you are committed and ready to make the breakthrough, it will work for you.


Q: I’m already busy. Will I have the time?

A: What I’ve designed is for busy professional women. We all know that our work doesn’t stop when we leave the office. Our personal commitments and expectations are real, and this program takes all of that into account.

Interested in getting to know me better? Here are some facts you might find amusing! 

  • As a first-time leader, I was terrible. I knew something was wrong but no one could tell me what. I proactively engaged my first executive coach and finally understood what Smart+Heart meant.
  • Two of my strongest skills are in the questions I ask and how I track conversations. I have an ear for pulling out what really is the most important thing we should be talking about.
  • In my first job out of college, I knew I wanted to go into sales. I interviewed with the DM of the company I had interned with and he told me I didn't have enough experience. I told him I'd be back and two weeks later I was working for one of his managers.
  • I was fortunate to be apart of a women-owned, women-led executive team made up of four generations. We learned so much from each other and completely crushed it, nearly quadrupling the revenue in our time together.
  • I can remember the lyrics to random songs but can't carry a tune to sing them!
  • I have an MBA in International Policy and Relations from the University of Denver.
  • My undergrad marketing professor told me women don't make good CEOs. I still laugh at that one.