Ready to Find the Missing Piece to Your Strategy + Leadership Puzzle?

Strategy + Leadership Business Consulting Solutions

The biggest risk to solid strategy is ineffective execution. Many companies create detailed vision statements and guiding strategies then face challenges getting the alignment needed to operationalize them. Lack of clarity impacts hiring the best talent, telling a coherent story of 'where we want to go and how we want to get there' and negatively effects productivity across teams that need each other to deliver.

Unless individuals understand how their own work supports an overarching strategy, purpose, or end-goal, they’ll ignore and dismiss it.

Executive and Leadership Team Alignment

Is misalignment costing you dearly? Mentally? Physically? Financially? If so, then it's time to move your team from friction to clarity to alignment.

When an executive or leadership team is out of sync, valuable energy is wasted, trust and understanding is weakened, and there is a guaranteed breakdown in the execution of the strategic plan. Misalignment is typically caused by a lack of one or more of the following:

Clear and consistent communication. "Where we've been, where we are now, and where we are going."

Team and organizational alignment. Clarity on roles and how to leverage the dynamics of the team, understanding of how/why "my" role matters to the greater plan, and accountability to the business.

Critical resources. Appropriately skilled talent, reasonably forecasted time to execute, and enough money for the unexpected.

Using the Assess. Align. Accelerate. proprietary framework, this three-phased solution is designed to honor everyone involved and ensure each leader's voice is heard.

Strategy, Business and Leadership Consulting

Do you ever feel like something is off in the business, but you can’t put your finger on it? Or you have a sense of what it is but need someone detached from the problem to validate what your gut is telling you? Do you wish your leaders would think more strategically and critically about where the business is headed and make decisions from this lens?

Whether it be through our work with client organizations or our own business experiences, we know how costly broken business practices and inexperienced leadership can be. 

Fragmented communication is expensive.

Deploying half-baked strategies are expensive.

Lack of delegation is expensive.

Backpedaling from rash decisions is expensive.

Hiring the wrong people is expensive.

Whether your company is in start-up mode or you are a mid-market company trying to scale to the next level, we can help you find the short-cuts and tools needed to asses, align and accelerate your business.

We have worked across most industries and all size companies. From start-up, corporate to family-owned we've been there and we can relate to the complexities of your business.

Full-Day Business Planning Session

Want an outside perspective to help you and your team gain clarity? Wish everyone could fully participate and not worry about the day’s details? Want to create a level playing field to encourage all ideas are surfaced and unintended bias doesn’t creep in?

Engage one of our experienced strategy consultants to facilitate a full-day planning session using our Assess. Align. Accelerate. framework to take you and your team all the way through to action by the day’s end.


Here’s how we begin: 

  • Before we come together, we meet (virtually or in-person) to understand the good, bad, and ugly of previous planning meetings.
  • We distill the themes and look for trends that need to be taken into consideration during the session.
  • We determine the topic(s) that need to be of focus and who should be in the room actively participating in this forward-looking session.
  • For most companies we work with, pre-work is often an important aspect to effective planning sessions. Together we will decide if it’s a fit for this setting.
  • Finally, it’s important that we define and co-create what success for this day looks like.


During the business planning session, expect an inclusive experience where differing perspectives are encouraged, genuine curiosity will lead to major insight, and everyone will want to fully participate and take ownership of the roadmap that comes from this day together.

“I hired The Innovare Group to guide our leadership team through strategic business planning because Kim Bohr, CEO and founder, laid out a go-forward logical framework and accurately identified risks/gaps that we may face in our first phone call. The strategic planning and business acumen from The Innovare Group empowered our directors to build long-term plans while communicating short-term tradeoffs.”

VP Legal, Finance, and HR at a Network Security SaaS company