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Ever hire a candidate that aced the interview loop only to become a terrible fit on day 91? Or how about the top-performer who's been promoted to leadership but doesn't like to enforce the rules or coach their people? Perhaps you've known someone who left a great company because they didn't feel there was a path for them?

As you know, these are real issues that hiring managers and recruiting teams deal with every day. And the cost of a bad hire, ill-suited promotion, or loss of a great employee is significant. Misalignment of talent is costly - mentally, physically, and financially. Here's the good news. It doesn't have to be that way!

Increase your chances of success with the predictive analytics behind the Harrison Assessments that will enable you to confidently

Acquire, Develop, Lead and Engage Your Talent

Unlike anyway you have done before.

The Innovare Group is pleased to be an Authorized Solution Partner of the Harrison Assessments Talent Solutions.

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Talent Acquisition

Hiring people is the ultimate matchmaking game. Juggling multiple open job recs with shifting priorities on what to fill first and only so many hours in a day can be overwhelming.

The pressure is always on to find the most skilled talent. Of course, they need to be a cultural fit.  And let's not forget, hired "yesterday" and within budget, all before someone else hires them first. Sounds exhausting!

Fortunately, there is a solution! Harrison's Talent Acquisition solution equips you with the tools to hire the right talent, quickly. This award-winning recruitment technology pre-screens applicants for qualifications and job-specific behavior providing actionable data for effective decisions.

Talent Development

Developing people is critical for an organization to remain competitive. Unfortunately, training and development initiatives are often viewed as a drain on the organization, which is a real miss. To counter this, too frequently a broad brushstroke of general programs is provided, which further embeds the notion that there is little return on developing the general employee population.

So what's the answer? Talent development that targets individual needs and saves costs. The insights gained with Harrison allows for individual and organizational needs to be developed, creating a better return on the investment.

Not to mention when employees feel invested in, there is an increased sense of loyalty, engagement, and a desire to bring one's best every day.

360 Assessments for Talent Development

Additionally, The Innovare Group has partnered with TruScore for its unique approach to 360 Degree Feedback Assessments. Recommended by Harrison for its outstanding products that compliment the Harrison assessment solutions, TruScore approaches 360s, unlike any other company.

Contact us now to learn more about the TruScore 360 and Harrison talent development solutions.

Leading and Engaging Talent

Leadership isn't without its challenges. As a leader, you are often pulled in two different directions. Managing conflicting needs and priorities, while using skills that aren't always inherent can be draining.

The secret is in understanding the balancing act between the critical skills and traits that are needed to be a highly effective leader. The Harrison's Paradoxical Leadership methodology allows leaders to learn how to do just that.

Leaders gain an understanding of how their behaviors and stresses can make or break an organization - and their future to promote and grow within it. Harrison's ParadoxTechnology accurately determines whether an individual's behavioral preferences in how they 'show up' and engage are genuine strengths or costly derailers. And what to do to develop professionally with this insight.