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Media Coverage

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3 Tips to Increase Project Success

Kim appeared as a guest on Viewpath's blog, sharing 3 tips you should know before launching any project or key initiative.

5 Steps to Shift Employee Mindsets for a Successful Change Initiative

Kim's article on highlights 5 steps you can put to use inside your organization today!


Seattle Metro Chamber's fall Women in Business & Leadership Initiative Symposium. Kim Bohr spoke on the subject of strategic networking.


Guest on Business & Leadership Podcasts

Kim as a Guest on Training Unleashed with Evan Hackel

Listen as Kim and Evan discuss the best practices for growing your business and why it needs to be approached as a change initiative.

Kim as a guest on Dr. Diane Hamilton's Take the Lead Radio Show

Listen to Kim and Diane talk about the importance of curiosity in leadership and how role ownership is critical in seamless strategy execution. Diane interviewed two guests that day in separate interviews with Kim's being the second mid-way through the podcast.

Kim as a Guest on The Millionaire Woman Show with Debra Kasowski

Have you ever created the best plan and wondered why it was not giving you the results it should? Listen to Kim and Debra discuss how to improve your strategy execution and leadership.

Connected Women of Influence and Women Lead Radio

Listen to Kim's conversation with Michelle Bergquist, the host of Women Leading the Way, on Why Advancing Women Is A Good Strategy for Business and The Bottom line.

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Learn the importance of Intentional Networking to advance your career and company goals.


Image 2_Inbound 2019 Session Listing

Inbound2019 Conference Speaker on Intentional Networking for Strategic Market Advancement: Diversifying Your Network to Align With Your Goals.

Seattle Chamber 2018 How I Did It Event

Women in Business & Leadership Initiative. Kim Bohr spoke on the subject of strategic networking.

Linkage Leader for Life

Linkage - Leader for Life Webinar Kim Bohr spoke on the subject of intentional networking for strategic advancement.

Forte Foundation Webinar

Forte Foundation Kim Bohr spoke on the subject of intentional networking for strategic advancement in the Women Lead Webinar Series.

Society for Information Management Webinar 2018

SIM Women - Intentional Networking for Strategic Advancement