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Our Founder and CEO Kim Bohr's Story on Why The Innovare Group

Author, Speaker and CEO of The Innovare Group

As a life-long learner, cross-functional executive, keynote speaker, author, and calculated risk-taker, I am passionate about helping companies and leaders overcome the strategic hurdles that are holding them back.

I started The Innovare Group, Inc. after seeing a disturbing pattern of disconnects and misaligned efforts that were costing companies time, talent and the ability to scale efficiently. From those experiences, I realized that helping companies solve their complex business problems could only be sustainable if the leaders were developed at the same time.

Aligning strategy and business consulting with the development of leadership behaviors, emotional intelligence, and critical thinking is the correct approach to creating a sustainable business culture where leaders have the appropriate skills to self-diagnosis their impact on the business challenges more effectively.

I hope I get to learn about you and your unique needs soon! 



Kim Bohr

The Innovare Group is a boutique strategy consulting and leadership development company that helps mid-market growth organizations and progressive corporate teams boost profits, performance, and team passion. Our specialty is identifying the blind spots and developing realistic action plans that enable companies to scale and expand in deliberate, sustainable ways.

Our team has decades of experience across industries, having been coaches and consultants for global, corporate, start-up, non-profit, and family-owned businesses, so we’re comfortable working in virtually any environment. We’re thoughtful, tenacious, and utterly unflappable. And we love what we do, so we bring both intense passion and deep expertise to the table.

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